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Prasiolite (Green Quartz) - Abundance, Self-reliance, Tranquillity, Inner Strength.

Origin - Brazil

Chakra -
Heart - Love, joy and inner peace.

Prasiolite is believed to attract fortunate circumstances into lives of those who possess it, with the specific imperative of fostering personal and fiscal independence, It nurtures clarity of thought and the insight required to identify opportunities for growth where they arise. In the pursuit of these goals, the prasiolite holder will find that they are more focused and determined.

With regard to monetary success, prasiolite assists its processor in achieving abundance whilst simultaneously enriching the lives of those around them.

Prasiolite is also a great support to seekers of personal and spiritual growth. It engenders greater self-sufficiency, self-love and confidence. Thus the prasiolite stone enables one to enter into relationships with others from a position of inner strength and authenticity.

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