What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet of communication. When Mercury is direct it is helping us express outwardly but when it is Retrograde it is helping us go within. We need to go within to figure out how we really feel. This is the perfect time to do some inner work and go within to reflect. This is a time to tap into the darkest parts of our soul and psyche. Maybe there are some things you need to let go of but you’ve been hanging on. Mercury Retro is allowing you to admit to yourself it’s no longer serving you and once and for all let go. However, if you still hang in to it then you might meet some issues but if you let go things will feel so smooth and right. Carry crystals to protect your energy. For example - 

🖤 Black Obsidian

🔲 Smokey Quartz

⚫ Black Tourmaline

⬛ Shungite


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