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Creator of Arcandles, Louise Ho has always been a passionate lover of life. Her philosophy for happy, healthy living stems from a belief in natural, holistic approaches that support one’s mind, body and environment. It is this very philosophy, combined with Louise’s deep knowledge of crystals and absolute love of candle making, that marks the foundation of all Arcandles creations.

Arcandles Louise


Here at Arcandles, we pride ourselves on creating a beautiful range of home treasures, made from the very best materials nature has to offer. We’re dedicated to creating an aromatic and therapeutic experience that enhances and heightens your senses from the comfort of your own home, whilst nourishing your mind, body and environment in a holistic way.

Our unique soy candles are lovingly handmade by our founder, Louise, using 100% pure soy wax. They are biodegradable, free of pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified materials, and use only lead and toxin free cotton wicks, ensuring a safe burn for your environment. Each one is fragranced using phthalate free, international gold standard botanical fragrances made by Australian and French perfumers.

A luxe addition to our candle range, our crystal aromatic therapy candles bring love and tranquility to one’s mind and physical space. Again, hand crafted by Louise herself, our crystal candles use only 100% pure soy wax, wooden wicks and each features a beautiful raw crystal, dried floral arrangements and a spattering of gold flakes. Inspired by the eastern philosophy of balance, our crystal candles incorporate all five elements of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth to symbolise a balance of earthly energy.

On the crystal side of things, our beautiful Orgonites, each made from a unique mix of crystals, metals and resin, are used to strengthen the body’s energy field, whilst protecting from man-made radiation such as WiFi and other negative energies. Each Orgonite is handmade in a sacred space that is cleansed with sage and crystals, and purified through meditation to create a calm, positive energy. The unique design is perfect to use as part of your home decor.

With our range also expanding to include beautiful bath and body products, as well as candle and crystal accessories, Arcandles is a one stop shop of all things nourishing for the body and soul. You can find out more about each of our unique products here:

To ensure your delivery makes it to you safe and sound, Arcandles partners with Sendle, who are proudly known as Australia’s first carbon neutral delivery service.

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