Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet

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Green Phantom Quartz - Money and Career Luck, Past Life Issue, Soul Connection, Detoxification

Chakra - Heart - Love, joy and inner peace.

Green Phantom Quartz is said to enhance the luck of fortune, also has the effect of gathering wealth, enhancing personal careers, helping to get good opportunities. The green magnetic field emitted by the Green Phantom can attract good friends that would help you, especially in career.

Green Phantom Quartz has a strong connection to the heart chakra and is very powerful healing tools. It can help one to be consciously aware of one’s past lives and aids ones in connecting to the Akashic Records to bring forth information that will help one in this lifetime. The energy of Phantom Quartz opens one’s consciousness to connect with one’s soul, and to bring into our consciousness one’s soul’s purpose and the lessons to be learnt in this lifetime. Phantom Quartz support one emotionally so that one can release patterns no longer serving one, which allows one to move forward in this lifetime.

Beads Size: 10mm
Length: approx. 16cm with elastic stretching cord


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