Kunzite Tower 40-60g

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Weight - 40-60g (Intuitively chosen)

Kunzite - Divine Love, Emotional Healing

Chakra - Heart - Love, joy and inner peace.

Kunzite is a heart-awakening crystal that opens you to boundless love. This gem resonates with the heart chakra, dissolving emotional barriers and infusing joy and universal love. Kunzite isn't just spiritual; it also supports physical well-being by healing energetic blockages. Its gentle, loving energy envelops you, calming your soul and radiating divine love throughout your energy field. Embrace the transformative power of Kunzite, allowing it to guide you on a journey towards emotional and energetic balance, unlocking a world of love and healing. Experience the beauty of Kunzite and connect with the profound love that permeates the universe.


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