Lepidolite Tower

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Size - 7-9cm (Intuitively Chosen - Some are deep purple and some are light purple)

Lepidolite - Stress Relief, Better Sleep, Peace

Chakras -
Crown - Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss.
Third Eye - Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions.
Heart - Love, joy and inner peace.

Lepidolite is an excellent stress relief stone as it contains lithium. Lithium is a soothing calming mineral that will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. It brings emotional healing and helps you get deeper into meditation and has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity. It has some useful healing properties, including its action to assist grief and to relieve stress as well as a number of other healing attributes.

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