Palo Santo Selenite Smudge Stick

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Price for one piece 

All contain Palo Santo, Selenite crystal and Lavender.

Size -10-15cm long 

Burn these to cleanse your home or any space, as well as for yourself.

Known as “Holy Wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo comes from South America and grows along the coastline of Peru. It is considered one of the most sacred trees to the Inca people. 

This sacred plant medicine is widely used for clearing and cleansing unwanted energy and is known to enhance creativity and bring good fortune. Its beautiful sweet and fresh smell with hints of mints and citrus not only offers a crisp aroma.

Difference between Palo Santos and Sage? Both work beautifully with cleansing space and even more powerful when used in conjunction. Sage is great for clearing and moving energy “out”, while Palo Santo works wonders for inviting good energy “in”. You can think of Palo Santo as your morning brushing teeth routine to start a fresh day, while sage is like a long bubble bath at the end of your day.

To use Palo Santo wood, ignite one end using a flame until it catches fire. Let it burn for about 30 seconds, then blow out the flame, leaving the stick smoldering and releasing its aromatic smoke. Move the stick around your space, directing the fragrant smoke to cleanse and purify the area. You can also pass it over your body to cleanse your energy field. Once you're finished, safely extinguish the stick in a fire-safe container. Store it in a cool, dry place for future use. 


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