Elestial Amethyst Raw

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Amethyst - Intuition, Protection, Purification, Insomnia

Origin - Madagascar

Chakra -
Crown - Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss.
Third Eye - Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions.

Elestial Amethyst, with its extremely high vibration, is a powerful stone for spiritual growth and development. Connected to the third eye, crown, and upper transpersonal chakras, it aids in developing psychic abilities and intuition by clearing and opening these energy centers. This crystal, known as a stone of "Spirit," facilitates connection to higher dimensions and spiritual guides, making it an excellent meditation tool for achieving a divine state of consciousness. Additionally, Amethyst helps understand and release addictive behaviors, purifies energy fields, and protects against low vibrational energies by creating a high vibrational energetic shield.

*Intuitively Chosen

Approx 15-20mm

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