Introducing Orgonite


One of the most recent additions we have added to our store is Orgonite. Now for many of you, you may not know exactly what Orgonite is or how to use it, so we thought we’d put together a bit of an introduction so you can get to know our newest product and understand the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits they can have!

So what is Orgonite, specifically?
Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal, set in resin. It is based on Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research, which culminated in the existence of what he called ‘orgone energy’, also known as Chi, Ki, Prana and Life Force, and is a representation of the energy present in all objects.



How does Orgonite Work?
Orgonite is regularly used to strengthen the body’s energy field, whilst protecting from man-made radiation and negative energy. The mix of organic resin and inorganic metal shavings work to simultaneously attract and repel stagnant orgone energy, producing a ‘scrubbing’ effect which essentially re-charges the stagnant energy. When Orgonite is within range of a source of negative energy (for example, Electromagnetic Frequencies - ‘EMFs’), it actively works to transform the negative energy into positive energy, helping to create a balanced, healthy state. 

Remember - just because you can’t see the negative energy, doesn’t mean it’s not there! EMF’s are generated by common household items, such as mobile networks, WiFi, Bluetooth and microwaves. There are endless benefits from using Orgonite in your home/environment, with just a few including better sleep, more energy, balanced moods, repelling pests and encouraging plant growth, giving your overall well being a boost and of course continued spiritual and psychological growth.

Why Are Quartz Crystals Added?
The addition of quartz crystals helps to collect, transmute and emit positive energy. Encasing the quartz crystal in the resin produces a piezoelectric effect, which basically means that it produces a small electric charge when put under pressure, helping to add to the energy-cleansing effect of the Orgonite. 

How do I use my Orgonite?
When it comes to using your Orgonite, many use it primarily to balance and strengthen their energy field, however you may also use it to deepen meditation, boost plant growth, remove negative energy from a specific space and to strengthen intentions and visualisations.

How are Arcandles Organites different?
Here at Arcandles, all our Orgonite pieces are handmade with love. Before the creation process begins, we meditate in the space that will be used in order to completely clear it of any lingering negative energy and to create a positive, calm vibe. All our Orgonites are handmade in this environment which is also cleansed with sage and crystals. These extra steps help balance the energy and ensures that only the best frequencies are infused into each and every Orgonite that we create. We then use pendulum to ensure they are 100% effective. 

What quartz crystals do we use?
We have a number of unique combinations that we use when creating our Organite pieces. Some of our most popular ones include Rose Quartz & Strawberry Stone (for love); Citrine & Green Phamtom (for abundance); Clear Quartz & Amethyst (for wisdom); Black Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz (for grounding); Peridot (for health) and Agate Crystals (for protection, strength and harmony). 

There you have it! We hope this introduction has given you a better understanding of what Orgonite is (for those of you who didn’t already know), and for those of you who did, that we reminded you how amazing and beneficial they are! If you’d like to purchase one of our beautiful, handmade Organites, first time customers receive $10 off their first purchase!  Show them to me!

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