What to do while in Isolation...


With the world practising self-isolation and social distancing amid the corona virus pandemic, all individuals in the Australia have been urged to work from home if they can. But staying in can be just as fun and productive as going out, set up your home as your little haven retreat. Staying on top of your physical, mental and emotional health is vital and we got a bunch of ideas just for you (besides Neflixing)!

✨ Roll out your yoga mats and dumbbells. Download a few yoga and online fitness apps and do a session from the comfort of your own home. Stay physically fit and active can encourage good cellular turnover and boast immunity. 

✨ Indulge in a crystal warm bath makeover. Put on your favourite music, put some crystal babies around your bath and exfoliate and nourish your soul temple with your favourite body products. Try our sleep easy bath soak and de-stress body scrub for a good relaxation evening, or our glowing skin body scrub for soft baby skin. Exfoliating your skin can improve your nurture and rejuvenate your skin - the largest part of your organ. 

Sleep Easy Body Scrub De-Stress Body Scrub Glowing Skin Body Scrub

✨ Connect with your colleagues, friends and loved ones online. Make yourself a nice coffee or tea with some nibbles and host a little get-together through your social media platform. Staying connected with your support network can ease sense of isolation and improve your emotional wellbeing.

✨ Make Meditation as your BFF. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and inflammatory chemicals called cytokines, promote emotional wellbeing, enhances self-awareness and sense of gratitude. Try our white flame crystal candle to enhance the experience. White flame symbolises creativity, art and beauty and holds greatest power of purification. Clear quartz is also known for its powerful ability to harmonise and balance your environment with strong protective properties. 

Hope you enjoy these little tips!

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