Golden Luck Stone Bracelet 10mm (Rare)

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Golden Luck Stone - Attract Lucky Money, Transmute Negative Energy, Protection

Origin - Egypt

Chakra -
Base - Survival issues such as financial independence, money and food.

Golden Luck Stone is known as an extreme lucky stone, the black part of the stone wards away evil, dissolve negative energy, and the golden part represents abundance luck.

It is also said to enhance vitality, restore people's mental and physical strength, and effective on balancing for office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains. It can strengthen the kidneys and improve sleep; It assists alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction; Stablises the mind, relieves stress, calms the heart, eliminates emotional distress, and strengthen mobility.

Beads Size: 10mm

Length: approx. 16cm with elastic stretching cord

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