Pink Phantom Bracelet

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Pink Phantom Quartz - Calming, Nurturing, Divine Feminine

Origin - Brazil

Chakra  - Heart - Love, joy and inner peace.

Pink Phantom Quartz is a gentle heart healer bringing us the flowing light of the Divine Feminine. The Crystalline frequency of the stone opens the heart chakra and naturally moves energy through the subtle bodies to harmonize & regenerate the energy system, opening us to Divine flow, like a gentle stream of Light and Love. Built-up emotions & tension are naturally released through the stone and all the Chakra's are regenerated & repaired.

Connecting to the energy of this rare Phantom Quartz in a morning meditation before beginning your day will set the stage of your day, it will bring in the energy you need to have more flow and intuition.


Beads Size: 11mm

Length: approx. 16cm with elastic stretching cord

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