Palo Santo Smudging White Sage

Known as “Holy Wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo comes from South America and grows along the coastline of Peru. It is considered one of the most sacred trees to the Inca people. The Palo Santo can be used when the branches have fallen to the grounds naturally for years before they can be harvested.Palo Santo

This sacred plant medicine is widely used for clearing and cleansing unwanted energy and is known to enhance creativity and bring good fortune. Its beautiful sweet and fresh smell with hints of mints and citrus not only offers a crisp aroma, but has the healing properties of calming the immune and nervous system, as well as a good relief for common colds, flu, stress, low mood and inflammations.

Palo Santo is great for everyday use since it preserves the good vibes you have created and dispels unwanted negative energy. Its uplifting happy scent can really make a difference to your day and your daily routine. You can try burning Palo Santo in the morning as part of morning ritual to set your day. Light a Palo Santo Smudge stick and trace this around your body, starting from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet then move the stick back up. Remember setting your intention while smudging is important.

So what’s the difference between Palo Santos and Sage? Both work beautifully with cleansing space and even more powerful when used in conjunction. Sage is wonderful for clearing and moving energy “out”. It is always great to sage when you have been out all day, during new moon and full moon, relocated to a new home, starting a new job, a new relationship, or purchased or received a new gift. While Palo Santo works wonders for everyday use and for inviting good energy “in”. You can think of Palo Santo as your morning brushing teeth routine to start a fresh day, while sage is like a long bubble bath at the end of your day. You can also try using Sage to clear all energy first, followed by smudging with Palo Santo to invite good fortune on your day-to-day for good vibes to fully maximise their benefits.  

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