What is Twin Flame?

Twin Flame or Twin Soul is a person who you feel deeply connected to on all levels, whether it is physical, emotional, soul or spiritual level.

Your Twin Flame is a friend, lover and teacher in past and current lifetimes that mirrors your beauty and strength, but also your hidden fears and shadows. The purpose of a twin flame union is to help each other grow on deep spiritual level. They are here to shed away the ego, to help face and heal wounded hearts, and to transform us into spiritual awakening beings. Every Twin Flame couple will have a higher purpose to achieve together, and may become spiritual guides and mentors for many other lives.

A common misconception about Twin Flame is that they are “the missing half” to make the soul complete. Rather, our soul is ALREADY complete. A Twin Flame union is simply a catalyst that ignites the spiritual maturing for the collective growth of love and compassion. It also prepares us to acknowledge, experience and embody our wholeness – our true nature in existence within us since beginning of time.

With such deep learning and awakening that Twin Flame relationships bring, this can sometimes be challenging for Twin Flames because the connection can be too intense and overwhelming for the ego. You may sometimes hear about Twin Flames “running” away from the relationship physically and/or emotionally. This is usually the case when the ego finds it testing and not ready to spiritually evolve. As such, the best way to connect with your Twin Flame is not through “run and chase”, but rather, it is through the balance of the feminine and the masculine within ourselves that makes us ready for the Twin Flame union. It is about the development of self-love and inner growth before you can be truly open to the Twin Flame connection.

Remember, you are wholesome as you are.


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